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    KCluster is a Linux based cluster, running high performance web spider called KSpider.


      Four set of Athlon XP 1500+ CPU with 768 Mbytes DDR DRAM, six of 35 GBytes, 7200 RPM SCSI Harddisk and an Intel E1000 Gigabit Ethernet interface card. They are connected together using 3com gigabit Ethernet switch.


      The operating system and the system software is RedHat 7.3 with Linux kernel version 2.4.18.

    Internet Connection

      All four machines are connected together using the gigabit Ethernet switch. The gigabit switch is connected to the campus network's backbone using four fast Ethernet links. The campus network is connected to the Internet through two 155 Mbps ATM links. The first ATM link is connected to UniNet, which is an inter-university network. The second ATM link is connected to NECTEC. The network map of Thai Internet connectivity is available at http://www.ntl.nectec.or.th/internet/map/current.html. UniNet connects to global Internet with 155 Mbps full-duplex bandwidth, and peering with Abilene (Internet2 Backbone) at 155 Mbps bandwidth and to local Internet Exchange at the Communications Authority of Thailand (TH-NIX) with 68 Mbps full-duplex bandwidth. UniNet has serverals gateways in Bangkok, which connect each other with 155 Mbps. The regional nodes connect to the gateways with 34 Mbps. The access nodes in different province connect to the regional nodes with varying bandwidth from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps.
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Applied Network Research Lab.
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